Raw materials for foods and beverages

Brewing materials

Backed by many years of experience, we supply malt, hops and those processed materials not only to the leading beer companies, but also to the newly emerging craft-beer market. We also offer crop information and industry trends directly from the local offices and suppliers in a timely manner.



Malt is a primary ingredient to make beer and whisky. In addition to base malts, we also supply specialty malts such as caramel, roasted and peated malts to make craft beer and whisky, which has recently seen a large spike in popularity. Let us suggest the perfect malt to suit your taste in beer.

Country of originCanada, Australia, Germany, UK, Czech Republic, Belgium, China, Sweden etc.

Malt extract

Besides being an ingredient to make beer, malt extract can also be used for adding color and flavor to cereals and confectionery.
Malt extract has various uses, such as in foods and beverages.

Country of originAustralia


Barley is an ingredient to make new genre beer (beer-like taste beverage) .

Country of originCanada, Australia etc.


Being a main ingredient to make beer, hops provide the aroma and bitter taste, and keep good foam. In addition to the well-known aroma hops and bittering hops, many new kinds of hops with a variety of aromas have recently been developed—some of which are classified as flavor hops. Hops are available in pellet, leaf or extract form.

Country of originGermany, America, UK, Czech Republic, Republic of Slovenia, etc.

Hop extract

Besides being used to make beer, hop extracts are used as a natural antibacterial material and are in demand in the food, sugar manufacturing, ethanol, and yeast industries.

We have a large stock of various types of malt and hops and can deliver the needed amount, according to your demand. We also publish the monthly "UK Beer Report" to deliver extensive local information and the latest industry trends promptly from our Europe Office.

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Whisky materials

Taking advantage of our hard-earned know-how from years of experience and achievements in importing and distributing raw materials for whisky and other alcoholic beverages, we find and actively recommend you the best suppliers from among those all over the world to satisfy your needs.

Hard liquor materials

We deal with raw materials for various hard liquors, including aged whisky, brandy, and liqueur.

Country of originScotland, U.S.A etc.

Maturing casks

We import wooden casks used for maturing alcoholic beverages to enhance added value. Various grains and char levels of casks are available for you to choose from.

We have a wide selection of casks, including sherry casks and mizunara casks.


Please see MALT of Brewing materials for details.

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Wine materials

Provided by excellent suppliers around the world and the subsidiary in Argentina, Jugos y Vinos Andinos S.A.U., we supply high-quality wine (both in bulk and bottled) as well as grape juice for making wine (grape must and grape juice concentrates) to many wineries. A service to promptly dispatch local information from our offices in Argentina and Chile has also been very popular.

Bulk wine

We provide high-quality bulk wine produced by Chile, as well as by newcomers like Australia, South Africa and Argentina; long-established producers, such as France, Spain and Italy; and many other countries around the world including those in Eastern Europe.

Grape must

We provide excellent grape must imported from the largest producers, Argentina and Chile. We can offer a wide selection of products, ranging from commodities to specially ordered, differentiated products (varietal, JAS organic, high-polyphenol, intense-aroma, cloudy juices, etc.).

Grapes from Chile(fresh/crushed)

We transport refrigerated fresh grapes and quick-frozen crushed grapes. They have various uses in Japan, including actual wine-making and hands-on wine-making lessons for Japanese users.

Imported bottled wine

A wide selection of bottled wines from different countries, prices, and shipping quantities is available to satisfy your needs.

Concentrated wine extract, flavored wine, casks, etc.

We are able to produce functional ingredients according to your requests. Wine extract, for example, can be a great secret ingredient to add subtle flavor to BBQ sauces. French maturing casks are also popular in Japan and used by many famous Japanese wineries.

We publish the monthly "Local Wine Report" from our overseas offices to deliver information on domestic and international wine trends.

Jugos y Vinos Andinos S.A.U.

<A subsidiary>
Jugos y Vinos Andinos S.A.U.

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Fruit juice concentrates

We import well selected fruit juice in bulk from countries around the world and distribute them widely.

Grapes(Red and white grape juice concentrates, Concord grape juice concentrates, Muscat grape juice concentrates, etc.)

From our production foothold in Argentina (Jugos y Vinos Andinos S.A.U.), we provide high-quality grape juice at a competitive price. Various kinds of fruit juice concentrates from Chile, the United States, Europe and Australia that feature distinctive qualities, are also available.

Citrus fruits(Satsuma mandarin orange juice concentrates, lemon juice concentrates, orange juice concentrates, grapefruit juice concentrates)

From Argentine and Uruguay, we import juice concentrates of Japanese Satsuma mandarin oranges. From the world's largest producing country, we also provide Argentina lemon juice concentrates, orange juice concentrates and grapefruit juice concentrates that are highly competitive in terms of their quality and prices.


We offer apple juice concentrates produced in China and Chile, which are the leaders of the apple juice market.


From Chile, a country known for producing many kinds of fruits, we offer cranberry juice concentrates which are very high in functional nutrients. We also have persimmon juice made from Japanese persimmons that were initially introduced to Spain by Christian missionaries.

Jugos y Vinos Andinos S.A.U.

<A subsidiary>
Jugos y Vinos Andinos S.A.U.

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Processed fruits,
Processed vegetables

Taking advantage of our network with good origins and suppliers around the world, we have been importing and distributing quality processed fruits and vegetables that bring safety and security to our customers. We deliver various processed seasonal fruit and vegetables that were harvested at the best time.

Processed fruits

Various frozen fruits such as berries and tropical fruits etc., as well as paste, puree and peels, etc. are also available. These are used for various application, such as fruit preparation, preserves, ice cream, etc. As well as proposing origins, varieties, etc. for customer's request, we can take advantage of our network all over the world and work on new product development according to the specifications requested by customer.

ItemsStrawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Mango, Pineapple, Kiwi fruit, White peach, Banana, Orange peel, Lemon peel, etc.

Country of originChina, Vietnam, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Egypt, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, etc.

Processed vegetables(Frozen)

Various items from various origins are available. Those are used for various processed foods.

ItemsOnion, Pumpkin, Okra, Paprika, Zucchini, Eggplant, Asparagus, etc.

Country of originChina, Vietnam, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, etc.

Processed vegetables(Dehydrated)

We deliver characteristic products with added value. These are used for various processed foods.

ItemsBroccoli, Pumpkin, Bell pepper, Carrot, Spinach, Zucchini, Onion, Leek, etc.

Country of originChina, India, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Africa, North America, Chile, Peru, etc.

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Herbs and
Spices etc.

Working together with suppliers in various countries, we have many varieties of fragrant and characteristic herbs and spices available.

Herbs and Spices

We deliver products with various specifications according to customer's application. We also propose various processed products such as frozen, dehydrated and pickles. These are used widely for various processed foods.

ItemsHerbs(Basil, Parsley, Coriander, Tarragon, Marjoram, Saffron, etc.), Spices(Chilli peper, Habanero, Jalapeno, etc.)

Country of originFrance, Spain, Italy, India, China, Mexico, etc.


We propose various types of soluble coffee according to customer's application.

Country of originEcuador, etc.

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Cocoa, Matcha,

As the exclusive distributer of "VAN HOUTEN" in Japan, we deal with various kinds of cocoa powder and couverture chocolate as ingredients, and offer them to confectionary, bakery and beverage industries in Japan. We also provide high-value-added powder ingredients, including "Tsujiri" matcha for processing purposes and creaming powder.

VAN HOUTEN cocoa powder

"VAN HOUTEN" cocoa powder has been highly praised around the world for its well-known "velvety feel" along with its excellent taste, aroma and quality. Various kinds of products are available for bakery, confectionery, and beverage application.

Product list

Article number 4107.4 4007.9 4447.1 4447.3 4367.9 4001.9
Name of product MAVIS RED Low Fat
High Fat High Fat Low Fat
Fat content 22-24% 22-24% 10-12% 10-12%
pH 6.8±0.2 7.5±0.2 6.8±0.2
Characteristics Standard type suitable for various application such as beverage, ice cream, and confectionery. Red type suitable for baking application. Good balance of distinct flavor & dark vibrant reddish brown color. Best product for beverage with low fat content and excellent dispersibility, solubility.
Package 5kg×4 25kg 1kg×18 5kg×4 25kg 25kg

VAN HOUTEN professional couverture chocolate

Barry Callebaut, the world's largest B2B chocolate manufacturer, are producing and offering high quality chocolate products. We present Barry Callebaut's couverture chocolate for gourmet & industrial customers.

Product list

Name of product Extra dark chocolate Dark chocolate Dark chocolate Milk chocolate White chocolate
Cacao content 70% 60% 54% 39% 28%
Package 1kg×10 1kg×10 1kg×10 1kg×10 1.5kg×10
10kg×1 10kg×1 10kg×1 10kg×1 12.5kg×1

Tsujiri domestic tea products for manufacturers

Ever since its foundation in 1860, Tsujiri has devoted itself to producing the finest green tea in Uji, Kyoto. While strictly following traditional cultivation and processing methods, Tsujiri continues to look for and develop new potential tea products.
We offer a wide variety of our tea products to actively help our customers who work to design and develop new products with tea and to use tea products to enjoy meeting people.

Creaming powder

Vegetable-fat based creaming powder imported from Europe and Asia. Our creaming powder is great for powdered beverage , powdered soups and flour mixed products.

Caramelized powder

Caramelized sugar is natural raw food ingredient roasting sugar and finely crushed. It gives roasted aroma, bitterness and full-bodied flavor to beverages products, such as coffee and chocolate drink , and as well as to bakery products.

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Honey in bulk

We deal with various kinds of honey in bulk imported from countries around the world.

Argentine honey

Harvested mainly from alfalfa flowers grown in the vast pastures of La Pampa. Alfalfas, which grow up to knee-level, have small, pretty flowers that produce honey with a subtle cinnamon-like aroma, similar to clover honey. Argentine honey comes with an orange-like sour flavor that suits Japanese tastes very well.

Canadian honey

Canadian honey is harvested mainly from canola flowers grown in Alberta. Its creamy and full-bodied flavor is great for making confectionaries.

Romanian honey

A mellow honey harvested mainly from acacia and linden (horse chestnut) flowers grown in Transylvania. Romanian honey is smoother than honey produced in other countries and is reminiscent of Japanese honey, bringing feelings of nostalgia to Japanese people.

Ukrainian honey

Ukraine is the second-largest honey-producing country in the world, making 85,000 tons annually. Its honey is harvested from acacias, lindens and sunflowers from early spring through early summer.
The yellow part of the Ukrainian national flag is said to depict the image of sunflowers. Honey harvested from these national flowers comes in a vivid yellow color with a full-bodied flavor.

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