Corporate Message

The meanings contained in our Corporate Logo
Ribbon of Elegance

The initial "K" stylized as a ribbon expresses Kataoka's commitment to delivering value to customers and society in the form of constantly high-quality, elegant products. The ribbon symbolizes our strong desire for links between people, the joining of minds, and good relations with society. The other letters affirm the Kataoka emphasis on elegance and understatement, while the dynamic appearance of the letter "K" as a ribbon calls attention to our vibrancy and love of challenge. The deep red color expresses high quality, along with the human virtues of passion and trustworthiness. Finally, the original shape of the letter "K" provides visual distinction highlighting our originality, completing a memorable and fitting logo for Kataoka.

The meanings of our Corporate Message
"Bringing delicious experiences from the world"

The logo passes on the corporate message of "joining people's hearts through the great tastes of the world." It vibrantly represents the emotional value of food as creative expression. Moreover, it accomplishes these goals through a single, memorable phrase.