President Message

Bringing delicious experiences from the world

Since its establishment, Kataoka & Co., Ltd. has brought in high-quality foods and beverages from the world to Japan. This operation is guided by our corporate philosophy of “striving to contribute to affluent lifestyles by providing original, high-quality goods and services, created with a global outlook and flexible imagination.”
At Kataoka, our essential approach is to develop products that anticipate the changing times and to create new markets. We are also proud of the pivotal role we play in bringing the culinary cultures of the world to the Japanese market by our unique perspective and foresight.
Today, Kataoka's operations are unique in Japan as an organic fusion of three core functions and businesses: import and distribution of finest foods and beverages from the world, production and distribution of our original products developed and produced at our own plants, import and wholesale of alcoholic beverages and ingredients.
Kataoka will continue its challenge toward the future to bring moments of delicious experiences to each and every customer.

Kenji Kataoka