Imported Raw Materials

Constantly looking for high quality food materials from all over the world and developing import schemes based on our own know-how, we supply such materials to the major manufacturers in Japan.
For example, we have achieved the greatest results in Japan with concentrated grape must, the material for wine making, and have also built up a long lasting partnership with the major domestic users for brewing materials such as malt and hops.Having accurately grasped the requirement today from the industry, namely to procure raw materials from overseas, we are now working to further reinforce our global network.

Cherishing our relationship with excellent producers throughout the world, we supply wines (grapes) related goods and products.

Wine and raw materials (bulk wine, grape must, grape juice, grapes)

Under long-term business relationships with excellent producers around the world and from our overseas subsidiaries, we supply wine ingredients (bulk wine, grape must, grape juice, grapes) that satisfy market demands. We also own our fleet of special tank containers that ensure effective distribution.

Bottled wine

Having carefully selected wines from first-class wineries in countries such as France, Italy, Chile, and Argentina, we deliver them to our customers through major alcoholic beverage and high-class grocery stores.

Maturing Casks

We import wooden casks which are used for maturing alcoholic products to enhance added value and to sell them to domestic alcoholic beverage manufactures. French wine casks especially enjoy a good reputation from many famous domestic wineries.

We supply high quality ingredients selected by professionals.

Brewing materials (malt, hops)

We import high quality malt, hops, and processed goods (malt extract etc.) mainly for the major breweries and craft breweries from origins such as Europe, North America and Australia. Making best use of our experience as a pioneer in importing raw materials, we offer stable supply of the goods from our excellent suppliers, together with timely information from the producing regions.

Hard liquor (Whiskey, brandy, spirits for shochu ingredients, liqueur)

Besides materials for beer and wine, we also have years of experience and achievements in importing raw materials for alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, brandy and liqueur. In addition, taking advance of our hard-earned know-how, we are actively involved in development and import schemes of alcoholic beverages from abroad, in order to meet customer's demands.

Selecting the season and quality materials worldwide.

Cocoa powder, Chocolate, Matcha, Creaming Powder

We distribute "Van Houten" cocoa powder & couverture chocolate, "Tsujiri" matcha (powdered green tea) , creaming powder etc. which are known as high value-added ingredients. These ingredients receive very good reputation being well appreciated by many end users of extensive different divisions in food industry, such as confectionery, bakery, beverage, and ice cream. In recent years, we have been developing also overseas market for "Tsujiri" matcha.

Processed fruits and vegetables

Taking advantage of our worldwide network with quality origins and quality suppliers, we are importing and distributing the highest processed agricultural products providing our customers with food safety and security. We offer various items such as the frozen, dehydrated and paste of fruits and vegetables harvested in the best season and processed in the fresh conditions. We are also working actively on the development of new products, cooperating customers and suppliers.

Herbs and spices

We offer aromatic herbs and spices according to customers’ application. We are working together with suppliers in various countries and supplying various items of frozen, dehydrated and infused products.

Various types of fruit juice concentrates

We source fruit juice concentrates with distinct character from Asia, North America, South America, Europe etc. to Japan, and supply them as raw materials for the industry including beverage, foods and confectionary. In particular, we have our own plant for grape juice concentrate in Argentina, the world’s largest supplier, and we can supply products specifically made for Japanese customers.

Raw honey

We import various kinds of raw honey in drum with taste suitable for Japanese consumers, from overseas. We supply it for many applications such as honey products, foods and beverages.