Overseas Brands

The import of food brands from abroad can be said to be the roots of Kataoka. We choose only top quality overseas food brands and import them into the Japanese market together with the food culture of their country of origin. Kataoka then markets the products in its own way in order to penetrate the brand and upgrade their value in the Japanese market. Good examples can be seen in the gift market.
Not only do we import finished products, but we also import products in bulk before being packed and develop our own packaging style that would better suit the Japanese market. Such activities prove our relationship of mutual trust with the overseas brand owners.

TWININGS : The world famous tea brand established over 300 years ago

In 1706 Thomas Twining opened the world's first teashop at London Strand. In England this is said to mark the beginning of the history of tea. The popularity of Twinings Tea spread rapidly among royalty and the aristocracy of that area. In 1873 after the tea was presented to Queen Victoria in celebration of her ascension to the throne, it was honored by being designed an official provision to the Royal Family. Ever since then, Twinings tea has been enjoyed throughout the world as a high quality tea, both in name and reality.

VAN HOUTEN : World's best known cocoa

In 1828, a Dutchman named C.J.Van Houten invented a formula for powdered cocoa that is easily soluble in hot water or milk. It was awarded a patent by the Dutch King William I. Ever since, with the use of high-grade cocoa beans as ingredients, the technique and glorious tradition have been continued to this day.
The aroma and richness of this cocoa powder has achieved a high popularity and its strongly supported by people worldwide.

ÉCHIRÉ : Fermented French AOP butter

The Échiré dairy, established in 1894,has been receiving high praise for its products for over 100 years. The dairy is purveyor to Three-star chefs, and worldclass pastry chefs regularly use the butter. It received the Appellation d'Origine Protégée(AOP)designation as a product of quality.

Frozen Dough

In our desire to provide the finest taste, we offer products made with European fermented butter and wheat flour all the way from France, the home of the croissant. We also import and sell a range of frozen doughs. Not only a stable supply of the longtime best seller items, we are also actively working on the development and import of the products meeting the customers’ demand.