Original Brands

As a manufacturer, Kataoka also commits itself to the development of products under its own brand. Fully displaying its creativity which is well acknowledged as the company's strength, we have pioneered the market by developing products full of our originality, represented by Mon Café Drip Coffee, and Astoria Stick Coffee. Even with the overseas brands, we have succeeded in expanding the range of products and raising the value of each brand by developing our own finished product.

MON CAFÉ : The one and only ideal drip coffee system

Mon Café was created forming the customer's demand for preparing and drinking good quality coffee easily, anytime and anywhere. This is an ideal drip coffee system which fully extracts only the delicious taste of coffee beans, without brewing out any odd taste from the beans. This product's outstanding high perfection has been greatly supported by customers, and has been leading the expanding drip type coffee as top brand.

Tsujiri : The Master Tea Maker of Uji

Tsujiri was founded in 1860. The founder, Tsuji Riemon, invented the tea chest and perfected a method for making Gyokuro green tea. These innovations enabled Tsuji to revive the good name of Uji tea, which had been threatened with disappearance amid the upheavals that ended the Tokugawa Shogunate. Today Tsujiri continues the tradition of Tsuji Riemon's passion for perfecting great tea. With assured skill and commitment to quality, Tsujiri continues to deliver a delightful variety of excellent teas today.

Saison du Fruit : carefully selected ingredients are the foundation of delicious flavor.

Saison du Fruit provides moments of delight and deliciousness with a spectrum of various fruit flavors. Fruits harvested in their prime are generously used in our products: “One Bite Domestic Fruit Jellies” seal in the full flavor of regionally grown fruits in bite-size pectin jellies, and “Dessert Smoothie” range combines thick fruity juice with chunks of fresh fruit. Saison du Fruit - new ways to enjoy the pleasure of fresh fruit.

ASTORIA : The best balance in its taste and flavor

We have blended powdered cream and sugar with the coffee made from carefully selected coffee beans. As a pioneer of mixed coffee, we always get hold of the changing trends of people's liking so that we can continue to create a taste required by people. Astoria is a smart and convenient stick type of coffee. Its fresh aroma, and rich taste which are to be obtained only by adding hot water, have earned a reputation of the taste that surpasses instant coffee.