Original Brands

As a manufacturer, Kataoka also commits itself to the development of products under its own brand. Fully displaying its creativity which is well acknowledged as the company's strength, we have pioneered the market by developing products full of our originality, represented by Mon Café Drip Coffee, and Astoria Stick Coffee. Even with the overseas brands, we have succeeded in expanding the range of products and raising the value of each brand by developing our own finished product.

MON CAFÉ : The one and only ideal drip coffee system

Mon Café’s freshly ground coffee is packed and sealed immediately to keep the flavour inside. Mon Café’s filter sits securely on the cup to prevent contact with the filtered coffee and extract only smooth aroma with a pleasant lasting finish. Mon Café has all the great taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee and recognized as one of the top brands for its premium quality among Japanese customers.

TAKUMI NO DRIP COFFEE : Easier and more delicious drip coffee

Takumi no Drip Coffee was created out of one barista’s wish to make drip coffee easier and more delicious. This brand is particular about three things : the use of beans that have been carefully selected by coffee experts, the freshly ground coffee with hermetic package, and the convenience of quick opening. Takumi no Drip Coffee allows you to enjoy authentic drip coffee with ease.

TAKUMI NO CAFÉ AU LAIT:The best balance of deliciousness – “3 in 1” instant coffee sticks

The coffee artisan has devoted attention to each component – coffee, milk, and sugar – crafting a gentle flavor with an exquisite balance. Simply by pouring hot water, you can savor a comforting café au lait where the vibrant aroma of coffee and the rich taste of milk harmonize, providing a soothing respite for the heart.

Tsujiri : The Master Tea Maker of Uji

Tsujiri was founded in 1860. The founder, Tsuji Riemon, invented the tea chest and perfected a method for making Gyokuro green tea. These innovations enabled Tsuji to revive the good name of Uji tea, which had been threatened with disappearance amid the upheavals that ended the Edo period. Tsujiri produces both traditional types of tea and new types suited to the times, delivering delicious tea made with the greatest care and pride.

Saison du Fruit : carefully selected ingredients are the foundation of delicious flavor.

Saison du Fruit provides moments of delight and deliciousness with a spectrum of various fruit flavors. Fruits harvested in their prime are generously used in our products: “One Bite Domestic Fruit Jellies” seal in the full flavor of regionally grown fruits in bite-size pectin jellies, and “Dessert Smoothie” range combines thick fruity juice with chunks of fresh fruit. Saison du Fruit - new ways to enjoy the pleasure of fresh fruit.

MATCHA DIRECT : Freshly ground matcha directly sent from Kyoto, Japan

Our company was founded as a tea company in 1860 in Kyoto, Japan‘s most prominent matcha-producing area. Our matcha is freshly ground — just for you. We deliver the original fresh flavor of matcha, completely unaffected by oxidation, directly to your doorstep from our factory in Kyoto, Japan to customers around the world.